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Are Ugly People More Likely to be Bullied?

By Barbara Bartlein

Unfortunately, it appears this is true. Researchers have discovered that people who are more unattractive or mean are more likely to be bullied in the workplace. 

"Frankly, it's an ugly finding," lead investigator Brent Scott said to MSU Today.  "Our findings revealed that both personality and appearance matter.

For the study, 114 health care facility workers were questioned about if they experienced any mean behavior from co-workers.  They were encouraged to report being made fun of, having hurtful things said about them or being treated in a rude way.  Spouses, partners and people close to the workers were also given questionnaires rating how nice to get along with they were.  Another unrelated group was shown pictures of the subjects and asked to rate them on how attractive they were.

The study clearly showed that the unattractive people were treated worse by their co-workers.  People who were not rated as friendly were also more likely to be bullied.

It reminds this writer of the schoolyard practice of bullies picking on the kid who is different.  It is a shame that this behavior continues into adulthood and into the workplace.

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