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Are You a Cyberslacker?

By Barbara Bartlein

Cyberslackers are those who use technology to appear like they are working when, in fact, they are simply surfing and procrastinating.  Experienced cyberslackers know that hitting the "Alt+tab" on the keyboard will hide the window that's currently on their screen and bring up one from behind.  It is frequently used in the workplace when employees are surfing the Net, instead of doing the project that the boss requested.

Annoying and inefficient, Cyberslackers use the technology to demonstrate their productivity through useless e-mails, reports, and spread sheets.  They frequently send OT-MAIL which is unnecessary, after-hours email sent to a supervisor or co-worker with the sole purpose of time-stamping how late they worked.

Sophisticated internet games, such as Warcraft and EverQuest take the Cyberslacker to a whole new level of wasted time.  Online computer games are some of the most popular and largest growth areas in interactive entertainment.  

"When I wrote Solitaire for Microsoft, I unleashed a monster of unproductivity onto the world," Wes Cherry, author of Microsoft Windows Solitaire told Sophos.  "I bet there are millions of bosses out there who hate me.  If I had a penny for every hour that has been wasted playing Solitaire in the office, I could hire Bill Gates as my golf caddie."

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