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Bullying in the Workplace. Are You Working for a Psychopath?

By Barbara Bartlein

Bullying is rampant in the workplace and many experts feel part of the problem are psychopaths in corporate American.  But how do you know if you are working with one?  Based on a new book, The Body Language of Liars, let's look at seven red flags that you may be dealing with a Psychopath in the next cubie.

  1. Does he constantly use the past tense?  Yes/No
  2. Does he use cause-and-effect statements?  Yes/No
  3. Does he talk excessively about his basic needs?  Yes/No
  4. Does he portray himself as a victim?  Yes/No
  5. Does he contradict himself?  Yes/No
  6. Is he really bad at crying?  Yes/No
  7. Is his body language different than what he says?  Yes/No


If you score any “yes's” on this quiz, you may be working with a psychopath.  According to Glass, psychopaths frequently use the past tense when they talk and use the words “because” and “so that” since they tend to rationalize their actions with their own logic.

            They talk excessively about themselves and often provide too much information.  Since they don't take responsibility or blame, they like to present themselves as victims.  Because they are so used to lying, psychopaths will often contradict themselves, even in the same sentence.

            Psychopaths are really bad at crying.  They will often wipe underneath each eye, one at a time. When people are genuinely crying, they cry with both eyes and tend to wipe both eyes at once.

            Often a psychopath will say one thing but their body language will be very different.  The body language and actions are usually closer to the truth.

For more information on Bullies in the Workplace, Barb's new book is now available for pre-order at:  Energy Suckers-How to Deal With Bullies in the Workplace

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