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Children With Working Moms Are More Successful Later in Life, Study Finds

By Barbara Bartlein, RN, LCSW, CSP

New mothers are often left to choose between balancing family and career, or staying home full-time.   The Harvard Business School released research last month revealing that children of working mothers benefit later on in life when they’re all grown up, reports The Washington Post.

Daughters of working mothers are more likely to hold managerial roles and earn more than women who were raised by full-time, stay-at-home moms. Interestingly, sons of working mothers were found more likely to contribute to housework and focus more time as caretakers when they’re adults.

The study examined data from some 50,000 respondents in 24 countries who took part in an international survey on gender and attitudes. It found that there are very few things that have such an effect on gender equality as being raised by a working mother.

Previous studies have shown mothers who work have no detrimental effects on their children and another study shows that working moms are happier in general because they have a sense of independence and financial control.

Whew. Good to hear for this mom. I remember clearly when I had my first and was faced with the decision of whether to work. It seemed that everyone in my life had an opinion. Some felt I “wasted” my education if I stayed home. Others heaped on the guilt for taking a V.P. position.

I discovered what many working women have discovered; you have to figure out what solution works for you. We tried them all. I stayed home for several years, then we switched roles. Charlie became a stay-at-home dad when it was not fashionable (i.e. lazy bum). But our kids benefited and also did their share of work and responsibility.

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