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Do You Have Toxic Worry?

By Barbara Bartlein

The psychology of the mind changes when the human moment vanishes.  At its worse, paranoia fills the vacuum.  But for most of us, the human moment is replaced by worry.  Electronic communication does not convey the cues that typically alleviate worry such as body language, tone of voice and facial expression.  Human contact is like a safe place for the psych where we feel understood and grounded.

Little misunderstandings are common as the number of human moments decrease. Wrong impressions from a misunderstood e-mail, or voice mail are the result of vanishing human moments.  People may take offense and question the motive of others when they discover they are not on a certain circulation list or included on a memo.

The human moment appears to be a “regulator.”  When it is not present, people's primitive instincts become more apparent.  Just like calm, stable people can become road raged in the anonymity of their automobiles, so too can courtesy be thrown out the window at the computer keyboard.

High tech work habits can dull our brains and our performance.  The human brain, like every other muscle, needs rest and variation for peak performance.  Long and monotonous hours on-screen or on-line, leave the user feeling tired and fatigued.  Searching to refuel, the brain needs rest and human contact.  By late afternoon, most workers are in a brain dead state from the tedium of technology.  That is why people get up and wander the corridors with a cup of coffee.

Reduce your worry by connecting with others.  Often what seems to be overwhelming can become an amusing story when shared with friends.  Connections protect us from being isolated and alone.  Spend the extra time to build and maintain relationships. 



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