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How Successful People Think

By Barbara Bartlein

One thing that successful people do, is think differently than other people. According to John C. Maxwell, successful people have habits that set them apart from other people.

  • They view thinking as a discipline.  The most successful people set time aside just for thinking and reflection.  They spend time each morning planning their day and regular time away for creative thinking.
  • They don't multi-task.  While multi-taskers think they are efficient, they actually lose about 40% in productivity racing from one project to another.
  • They spend their time with successful people. You can tell a lot about people by who they spend time with. Successful people look for others that are MORE successful than them.  They want to be with folks who challenge them and encourage them to do better.
  • They reject popular thinking.  Going with the norm doesn't create new ideas and projects.  Successful people think in new directions and don't listen to those who say "You can't."
  • Successful people plan ahead.  But they leave room for spontaniety and change.  They know that some of the best ideas happen by accident.  
  • They get over negative self-talk.  They know that "I can't" is the talk of failure.  The key is to try and learn from the effort and the result.
  • They know to do things differently, they must do different things.  They are eager to try new activities and new adventures.  They don't worry whether it "makes sense."  Trying is succeeding.

Build your success with regular times for reflection, planning and creativity.  Spend time only with people that uplift you and encourage your dreams.

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