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Should the NFL Ban the N-Word?

By Barbara Bartlein

"It's an atrocious idea," Richard Sherman, The Seattle Seahawks start cornerback, told the ESPN website. Reacting to the NFL plans to possibly move forward with a new rule banning the word on-field and off, Sherman insisted that the N-word is not always used as a racial slur, especially among black players.

The NFL is attempting to deal with bullying problems in the league after the fall out with Incognito and seem to feel that the N word is a good place to start.  But Sherman and other players don't think this is such a good idea.

"It's in the locker room and on the fild at all times," Sherman said.  "I hear it almost every series out there in the locker room."

But, that doesn't make it right.  The critical question is whether is advances understanding and tolerance or is a remant from a destructive past.  Perhaps the NFL is right, that this is a logical place to start.

John Wooten, a former NFL lineman and the chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, would prefer players face ejections for constant use of such language.  "I want players to know and understand that it is the most vicious word in the language," he said.  "The word was created to make you feel, as a black man, that you were inferior, that you were nothing; that you were sub-human, that you had no talents; that all you could do is pick cotton.  That is what the word was intended for."

The NFL plans to address the issue and possibly move forward with the new rule if the measure meets approval at the next owners meeting scheduled for March 23-26.

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