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Ten Tips for Employers to Build a Productive Team

By Barbara Bartlein

  • Create a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy. This policy should be part of the commitment to a positive work culture and integrated into other policies and procedures.
  • Bullying behavior must absolutely be addressed immediately when identified. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this point.
  • If bullying occurs in several areas, it needs to be addressed organizationally through training and meetings.
  • Create a work environment that builds autonomy and clarity of job responsibilities.
  • Include employees in decision-making processes and communicate the vision of the organization.
  • Hold awareness meetings on the range of forms bullying can take and how to report such behavior if it occurs.
  • Train supervisors on how to positively build and be an active part of their teams.
  • Conduct employee surveys periodically to anonymously identify problem areas.
  • Establish a point person in HR for employees to contact when bullying occurs.
  • Encourage an open door management style.

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