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The Magic of Making a Difference

This program is an enhanced version of Barb's "The Magic of Making a Difference," which has been presented throughout the U.S. and Canada. Designed for helping professionals, this entertaining and inspirational presentation motivates with laughter and music.  It includes a multi-media presentation of piano, vocals, slide shows and laughter.  Participants learn:

  • The three factors for happiness
  • The importance of doing the right thing
  • The top two habits of successful people
  • The value of small kindnesses
*A grand piano must be available at the venue


A inspirational program that entertains and motivates. This is a multi-media presentation that combines comedy, music and pictures that audience members can relate to.  Thoughtful and entertaining, it is the perfect opening, closing or keynote presentation for your next event.  This program includes:

  • Original stories and comedy by Barb
  • Piano music and song
  • Slide shows from Galapagos, Alaska, and more.
  • Laughter and fun

*A grand piano must be available at the venue.


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