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Energy Suckers - How To Deal With Bullies in the Workplace

Bullying is an epidemic in the workplace and appears to be increasing.  In recent surveys, it is reported that over 35% of workers have experienced bullying firsthand. Make your workplace bully free with this comprehensive training program.

Participants learn:

  • The high cost of bullying to American business
  • Common bullying behavior
  • How the bully chooses targets
  • What you can do if you are being bullied
  • How to make your organization bully free 

The Habits of Successful Organizations

Programs for organizational change are often not successful.  This is because not enough attention is given to the habits that form the workplace culture.
Transform your team and organization with this new research on habits.

In this seminar, you learn:

  • How employees react to change
  • How habits create the culture of an organization
  • The importance of keystone habits that start a process of change
  • How habits turn into routines
  • Ten essentials to ensure organizational change works 

Presenting the Complete Package - How to Build Your Own Personal Brand

Designed for professionals who want to take their careers to a higher level, this comprehensive training gives you the tools to look and act your best.  

In this multi-session training, you learn:

  • How to dress for success
  • The "don'ts" of professional dress
  • Common etiquette issues when meeting or dining with clients
  • How to build your personal brand and why this is important
  • How to "work the room" at events
  • To craft a succinct elevator speech that gets people to ask questions 

I'd Rather Die Than Give a Speech

It is often said that the greatest fear is the fear of speaking in public. An even bigger fear is listening to a poor presentation! Enhance your presentation skills by learning the secrets great speakers use.
In this interactive training, you will learn:

  • To identify the five rules of excellent speech preparation
  • How to develop the "opener" and "closer"
  • The importance of story telling to make the point memorable
  • Skills to research and establish rapport with an audience
  • Techniques to increase confidence and decrease nervousness
  • How to build credibility and authority through the use of statistics, examples and visual aids 

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a form of burnout that manifests itself as physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion.  It has been referred to as the "cost of caring" for healthcare practitioners and others who work in helping professions.

In this seminar, you learn:

  • Who is most vulnerable to compassion fatigue
  • The new research into the biology of compassion
  • The concept of psychic numbing
  • Symptoms of compassion fatigue
  • How to prevent fatigue and burnout 

Why Did I Marry You Anyway?

More than 70% of adult Americans believe "marriage is a lifelong commitment that would not be ended except under extreme circumstances." Yet, first marriages have a 45% chance of breaking up and second marriages have a 60% chance of ending in divorce.  Why are so many marriages failing? Because couples do not have the tools to make them work.  

In this seminar, you learn:

  • Why marriage is not based on love
  • Strategies to deal with extended family
  • How to say NO without feeling guilty
  • The glue that helps couples stay together long term
  • How defense mechanisms derail communication
  • The magic of traditions and rituals to strengthen relationships