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Barbara's Pre-Program Questionnaire

By taking the time to complete this questionnaire you will enable Barbara to fine-tune her presentation(s) to the exact needs of your group. Feel free to skip over any questions which would merely duplicate answers to previous questions or that might be irrelevant due to the nature of this program. If you don't want to fill it out, that's OK too. Barb will give you a call to discuss details. Do what ever is easiest for you. We will do the rest!


Program Session Information

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General Information

Agency / Organization / Industry Profile

Specific Objectives for Barb's Presentation

Feel free to send Barb any printed information you feel would best help her understand your organization. Please include a copy of all memos, program announcements, brochures and other promotional materials relating to this presentation so Barb's program will be consistent with it. In addition and if available, any annual reports, a company/organization newspaper, paper, flyer or any key brochures would be appreciated.