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Building High Performing Teams

Using the DISC Style Analysis Tool, participants identify their own personal style and the style of others.  You learn the communication techniques for each style to maximize individual and team performance.

In this program, you learn:

  • Recognition of the four basic behavior styles
  • Identifying your own strengths and area for improvement
  • Communication skills for better teamwork
  • Implications for each style in building stronger teams 

Civility in the Workplace: How to Deal With Energy Suckers

A creative and positive work culture is essential to retain and attract great employees. This fun and informative program takes a close look at the energy suckers who drain the workplace of motivation and bully those around them.  In this program, you learn:

  • The seven types of energy suckers
  • How energy suckers affect morale, retention of quality staff, and the safety of patients
  • How to identify and coach negative people to a more positive place
  • The process of "feedforward" to produce personal change
  • Policies and strategies to make your organization "bully-free"

Team Building Magic

Looking to have your team work closer together and more collaboratively? We conduct an interactive program where the group breaks into teams and participates in fun challenges. The progress of the teams is then processed and the participants get an opportunity to see how they function in the team.

Your team will:

  • Survive a plane crash
  • Transport "toxic waste"
  • Balance nails
  • Lower a helium stick

Energy Suckers-How to Deal With Bullies in the Workplace

Bullying is an epidemic in the workplace and appears to be increasing.  In recent surveys, it is reported that over 35% of workers have experienced bullying firsthand. Make your workplace bully free with this comprehensive training program.

Participants learn:

  • The high cost of bullying to American business
  • Common bullying behavior
  • How the bully chooses targets
  • What you can do if you are being bullied
  • How to make your organization bully free 

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Free Copy of "Why Did I Marry You Anyway?"

With every order of my new book, "Energy Suckers-How to Deal With Bullies in the Workplace," I will send you my first book for FREE. Improve your relationships at work and at home with my expert tips on dealing with people.