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WE Energies Confuses Legal With Ethical

By Barbara Bartlein, RN, MSW

WE Energies representative, Brendan Conway, claims in his most recent email that Lake Michigan "meets very strict state standards for water quality and there's nothing to clean up in the lake." To support his position he cites statistics on mercury insisting that "mercury will not accumulate in fish to levels that are unsafe for consumption by humans or wildlife."

You really want to float that?  One only has to do a cursory review of the literature to find that fish from Lake Michigan are heavily polluted by mercury and people are advised to eat fish on a limited basis. You can cite all the laws, guidelines, or requirements you want, dumping toxic chemicals in a fresh water lake used for drinking water by millions of people is unethical and immoral.

Mercury in Lake Michigan

WE Energies Has History of Dumping

I had asked Mr. Conway about the ethics and morality of this corporate behavior, he dodged the question with his "statistics."  WE Energies has no intention of cleaning up their mess.  Doesn't see a need to do so.  They basically want to make record profits while poisoning my water supply.

Mr. Conway says he appreciates my passion on this issue.  Yes, I get pretty passionate when others are attempting to poison me.

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